Facebook Groups - Get Inspired & Fired Up

Facebook Groups – Get Inspired & Fired Up

Facebook Groups launched in 2010. They’ve come a long way since then and are an important tool for freelancers. When you’re new to freelancing you’ve got a ton of questions. Who do you ask? 

Learning how to do everything is made simple when you have a community of freelancers to turn to when there are bumps in the road. Facebook Groups are that community. 

Ready to learn about a few awesome groups? 

Let’s dig in!

What are some of the benefits of joining Facebook Groups? Here are a few:

  • Answer questions
    • Things related to your niches, services, how to price your offers and more
  • Invest in warm pitching
  • Get started with networking with potential clients, and other freelancers
  • Show off work-
    • Client posts, blog posts and guest posts to grow your reach

Do you know that when you do these things something magical happens. You gain clients and, boom, your income grows with it. It’s what we all call a win-win! Take the win. 

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To help get you started, I’m sharing some of the best groups around that I see as the best – just for freelance writers. Some are are for the ladies (or those who identify as) in the room. Others are for everyone. All of them mean to get you motivated, inspired, and fired-up to grow your business. 

There are definite benefits here, so let’s go!

AWAI Digital Copywriters

American Writers & Artists Institute is pretty renowned, if you’ve been freelancing for sometime you may already know about it or it’s elite Barefoot Writer’s Club.

This Facebook Group is moderated by American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI). Its goal is to provide an open discussion forum for aspiring and practicing copywriters of all levels.

This sums it up in a nutshell:

Our goal is to support your freelance writing career with professional advice, relevant information, free training events, and weekly doses of motivation.

The Write Life Community

The Write Life Community, Facebook Group

The Write Life Community, is a Facebook Group created by the Self-Publishing School (http://self-publishingschool.com). It’s goal is to give writers a place to connect, where everyone can help each other become stronger writers and earn.  No matter if  what kind of writer you are –  author,
indie writer, academic writer, freelance writer or blogger, everyone can benefit from this group.

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Ladies Copywriting & Content Writing

Ladies Copywriting & Content Writing, Facebook Group, ladies-copywriting-group

The Ladies Copywriting and Content Writing Group means to be a source of inspiration and growth for freelancers to full-time professional writers and bloggers. This friendly community gives you opportunities to ask questions, share ideas, but most importantly, focus on the craft of copywriting and content writing. 

An excellent Facebook group to join. 

Creative Freelancers Unite

Lizzie Davey of wanderful-world.com brings this amazing Facebook group to you. Who is Lizzie?  She’s a freelance writer and entrepreneur who dedicates herself to helping other freelancers. Simply put she wants to help you improve your businesses and earn more $$!

She has frequent FB live sessions where you can ask questions in the group provides tips to help you
as a freelancer. What’s more, she does a promo day that provides opportunities for your you to share your work!

Another excellent group to join!

The Cult of Copy

The Cult of Copy, Facebook Group, , cult-copy-facebook-group

Are you into copywriting and persuasion. conversion writing that’s sort of like mind control? Then this Facebook Group boasting over 38K members, might the one you need.

Here they discuss conversion copywriting and selling. If you
want  guidance, resources, and help, then this is the group to join. 

Freelancer & Content Writers

Are you ready to live the freelancing life? This group will connect you with over 48K inspiring
freelancers and writers, provide freelance opportunities and more. 

This Facebook group is about:

“We need to act as a team and to do outsourcing to newbies as much as we can.”

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Fired-Up Copy Creative Community


This Facebook Group is mine and it’s new. It’s free to join and meant for all kinds of freelancers. 

I’m looking forward to building this community where we can all learn from, support, and promote each other!

There will be weekly opportunities to share your work and live Q & A sessions. Let’s do this!

“Fired-Up Copy Creative Community is a private group of supportive and positive freelancers – copywriters and content writers where we provide a place for use to connect, so we can all help each other become stronger writers and earn. Join our community today!”


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