Two Killer Social Media Tools

Did you know that using social media tools to automate your posts can increase your productivity by 20%? How do you know which to choose with so many choices? It’s quite a problem. 
Most business owners know that social media platforms never sleep; if you’re a new business owner or solopreneur, you might feel like you never get to either. But social media goes beyond just posting – looking into the analytics is just as important.
Social media is an essential tool, and you need it to maintain a thriving freelance business. It drives traffic to your website, attracts readers to your blog, helps you build your email list, and increases the engagement within your community, leading to client attrition.
If you feel like you’re drowning in post creation and scheduling, I’m here to share what’s in the market and a couple that I like a lot.

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What about social media apps?

You may think that every social media platform lets you schedule your posts, which is true. Meta’s business app has many features, but other than Facebook, it only connects with Instagram because it’s also a Meta product. What if you want to schedule your post on platforms beyond those two, track the analytics, and plan your posts in one go?
Creating a website or blog isn’t where it begins or ends. There’s a whole world of customers out there you need to reach. 
Since I  began my business, I have listened to all the advice.
Be on social, they said, so I went and registered on every platform.
Tailwind helps; they said. Off I went to register only to find it was pretty limited and really added to my workload and freelancing was just a side gig at the time.
I soon realized I was flopping about in the water and not making much progress. It was frustrating, and I knew that I would burn out if I continued. That’s when I took a long look at where I was seeing growth in followers or getting engagement. Then I ditched the platforms that weren’t working for me.

What about social media content creation apps?

You may be wondering about content creation apps, such as Canva. Some of these also have scheduling capabilities or are partnering with social media management platforms. 

You will see much advice on what apps to use in this area. Yes, Canva is one of the more popular, and many bloggers and freelancers use it unless they have mad Photoshop skills.
Canva has a free option, but it has limitations. For example, some Canva graphics will have the Canva watermark on them. Of course, you can upload your own images taken from other sites to avoid this issue. 
I have used Canva for years for everything from e-signatures to post content. It’s been my go-to for a long time. Recently, I came across a new app that I’m finding impressive for social posts. It’s called Brand Bird if you want to check it out.

Social Media Automation Tools

Starting a freelancing or blogging business means marketing it. Social media is one of the faster ways to gain traffic to your website and get clients to see your portfolio. Now, you can start by scheduling on Twitter, Meta Business, and Pinterest, or you can move to a tool that does this all in one place.
Why would you want to use a tool like this?
One reason is seeing your analytics altogether. Another is to save time by not needing to create separate graphics for each platform. Now, not every automation tool will do this.
I have tried out many automation tools – Buffer, Hootsuite, Tailwind, and Crowdstrike are just a few. I recently discovered Zoho Social, which I thought was awesome until I found that integrating Canva required a much higher buy-in. This was disappointing, to be honest, here.
Then I discovered Feed Hive. Feed Hive goes much farther, and while it only has Chinese Canva at the moment, it also has integration for Brand Bird. Another great built-in is social inboxes. What this means is when someone comments on one of your posts, you can like and respond without leaving Feed Hive. Another excellent way it’s keeping the community informed of new developments and what’s coming in terms of new features is a public Trello board.
If you’re looking for help, they have a Facebook community filled with helpful users who are ready to answer questions. You can also check out Feed Hive’s YouTube or just email them. The help staff is friendly and very responsive.
Since I began using Feed Hive,, I have seen good growth in my socials, so it works and saves me time in the process.

Final Thoughts on Killer Social Media Tools

Many of these killer social media tools that help automate posts change over time. I say continue trying out different ones to find what fits your budget and appears to fit your goals.
Observing analytics and engagement will be the best way to know what works, and if the automation is shaving off minutes or hours in time spent in the process – all the better.
I hope this post gave you some insights into killer social media tools. Check back soon to check out new posts as they are published. 

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